Flag Coasters – Free Pattern

patriotic coasters

Create flag coasters for your festive celebrations using strip piecing!


Totally customize how you want each coaster to look. Grab your favorite Red, White, and Blues and make some coasters for yourself.

Fabric Requirements

Blue Star Fabric: Fat Quarter
Red Fabric: 1⁄8 yard
White Fabric: 1⁄8 yard
Backing: ¼ yard
Batting: ¼ yard

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I love flag patterns but I have a problem using a flag pattern for a mug rug. It seems some how insensitive to what the flag stands for. Sunny

Dee Martinez

Thank you!

Dee Martinez

Thank you so much!


Thank you for sharing this! I love how it’s done with the long strip set instead of doing each one separately. Very efficient!


I agree with bring sensitive to how the flag is used. My military husband is very conscious of not having anything that looks like our flag made into something designed to have things placed on top of them. It’s up to you to decide how narrowly you define “looks like our flag”.


I really like the idea of these little flag coasters, but the binding instructions make no sense to me. I must be missing something because it seems like a lot of unnecessary bulk around the edges and it appears to leave a raw edge on the back. Please help me understand what is actually supposed to happen. Thanks.

Jan Rhinehart

The pattern will never work as stated with the cutting instructions provided.


Are the measurements right? Five one inch strips sewn together with a quarter inch seam don’t end up 4 1/2 inches wide.

Sheryl, Jan, and Sara, We are in the process of correcting the instructions. We apologize for the error and will upload a new PDF as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us know there were issues. Have a great day! ~ Sylvia Thoma, AQS Social Media Manager


Thanks so much for the pattern. I’ll wait for the corrections before I cut my precious scraps for it. Items are make to look like flags all the time. I think that they are wonderful reminders of our military who have served & are serving. Very appropriate for celebrations. JMHO.

We have finished making corrections to the instructions and the link goes to the new PDF. Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your feedback! Have fun making these coasters. Remember to post a picture of yours. ~ Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager


Thanks but no thanks. Mug rugs are an adorable way to practice free motion quilting on a small scale. However, I agree with previous posters — it’s inappropriate to plop your coffee mug on a flag look-alike. Just because “it’s done all the time” does not mean it deserves to be repeated. Your military friends and active-duty family members will explain the very strict rules they follow concerning appropriate use of a flag or flag-like design. Star variations are a much more firework-like fun way to play and be creative while still honoring their service. Please use another color than… Read more »

Michelle Chadima

Well put, Valerie!

I agree with you 100%. There are so many different stars to user as single blocks; do some red with white and some blue with white, or just a star print, and have fun quilting!

I found a fun beer-themed panel and cut those blocks, backed with a towel in a complementary color and serged the edges; solves all the above problems, and those gifts (3 sets of 6″ coasters) were finished in about an hour.