Favorite Quilt Sizes


We asked you about your favorite quilt sizes, here’s what nearly 1,500 quilters had to say…

When tackling their first quilt…

Quilters are most likely to begin with a bed size quilt. Twin was the most common reported, closely followed by queen, then full size. Interestingly, three quilters mentioned that their first quilt was a miniature quilt!

Today, quilters report that their current project is a…

Lap Quilt – Nearly 26% of the quilters surveyed are currently working on lap quilts.

Queen Quilt – Just over 20% are working on queen size quilts.

Twin Quilt – 13% are working on twin size quilts.

Wall Hanging – Almost 10% are making wall hangings.

Quilter love to make…

Lap & Throw Size Quilts – Over 64% of quilters said lap and throw size quilts are their favorite!

Queen Size Quilts – The Queen is still queen with quilters – 35% like them best.

Wall Hangings – 33% of quilters love making wall hangings.

Baby Quilts – 31% of quilters relish making baby quilts.

Of course, quilters can have more than one favorite!

Interestingly, only 10% of quilters prefer to make a king size quilt and 8% delight in a miniature quilt.


What’s your favorite quilt size? Share with us in the comments below.

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I enjoy making a lap quilt

Linda H

I love a lap-size/throw-size quilt because of the versatility. You can curl up with it on the sofa or put it on a bed on top of a white or cream color comforter and change it out as you please, or they can even be hung on the wall as decor. They are fairly fast to sew and easier to quilt. And they make great gifts.

Lou Ann

My son loves a king quilt that will fold over the pillows on top when he makes the bed. Huge!


When I do applique, I prefer wall hanging sized quilts. Since we have a California king sized bed, when I piece, I work on that size.

Christine Jenvey

I love making wall hangings & larger size lap quilts. But all my family, including myself, have king size beds and of course we all want quilts. So, I see a few king size in my future!


I have mostly made lap or baby/crib size quilts. Unfortunately, our bed is a California King. LOL


I like to make queen size quilts. I have some pretty tall grandsons and I want them to wrap up in the quilts I make them. I also like queen size because they can be used as bedspreads to brighten the room, not that my grandsons would ever make their beds. 🙂

Liz Morgan

My very first quilt was a king size lonestar, how’s that for brave or maybe uneducated about quilting. I sure did bite off a lot for my first foray into quilting. I still generally make king size as all the kids and spouses have king size beds. But right now I am into Wall-hangings so much more fun and a lot quicker.

Martha M Schwab

I also started my quilting career with a king size Lonestar quilt for my son. It took me a couple years to complete as I was so intimidated by the process. Would love to do another to see how much I have improved.

Martha M Schwab

I prefer to make wall hangings and table runners. I am able to use these in my home as I change my home decor every season and these fit in great. I also are more apt to give a table runner as a gift instead of a larger quilt. I am currently working on my 2nd king size quilt, a spring wall hanging, and a spring table cloth. I enjoy making small items such as coasters, bowl cozies, small purses, and table runners to have available for hostess gifts, birthday gifts, and thinking of you gifts.


My family all have king size quilts. So if I’m making bed quilts, king size it is.

Judi G

Like King size. My son tells me to extend the sides of quilt about 20” each side. Everyone has enough without fighting for covers. So about 114” long x118” wide. Takes a while to hand quilt